New CNN Star!

Prior to cancelling Crossfire, CNN President Jonathan Klein stated that the program is no longer relevant to a nation seeking information, not opinion. Stating that he wishes to move CNN away from "head butting," Klein has pointed to CNN's tsunami and hurricane Katrina coverage as evidence of the news channel's dedication to reporting the news and not commenting on it.

Almost sounds too good to be true.

As CNN ratings continue to sink, it seems Klein has had a change of heart. In CNN's latest attempt to outfox Rupert Murdoch, it was announced today that, "Glenn Beck, a radio personality heard on nearly 200 Clear Channel Communications stations nationwide, is joining CNN Headline News to host "Glenn Beck," a topical talk show. Beck, a former alcoholic and drug addict who became a Mormon in 2000, recently referred to hurricane survivors in New Orleans as "scumbags" and said he "hates" 9/11 families. A CNN spokesman stated, "At Headline News, Glenn Beck will air out of New York and be an unconventional look at the news of the day featuring Beck's often amusing perspective."

I'm already laughing out loud.


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